Old Timers Day

Old Timers Day Book Cover

The story of the Old Timers Day baseball game begins on a dusty pitcher’s mound in Las Vegas, Nevada when God and Satan disguised as two young boys, decide to play a baseball game that has the potential to effect the fate of all humanity through the results of the game while at the same time, it will end the feud between the Lord and Satan that has lasted for more than two thousand years.

The Celestial Baseball Association LLC has been developing this concept for three years  and in February 2017 the book Old Timers Day will be on the book shelves.

The story will come to life as you read how the forces of Good vs Evil will play itself out through a baseball game utilizing more than 100 of the greatest baseball players of all time combined with the greatest Baseball Managers, Umpires, Coaches and Announcers who are known and respected all over the world.

According to the rules, both the Lord  and Satan agree that neither of them can have anything to do with the playing of the game once it begins. If either breaks this rule they will immediately be declared the loser and their name will be stricken from the annals of history forever and ever as though they never existed…you see, that’s what this game is all about….that’s what the Lord’s team vs Satan’s team has at stake…it’s called, playing for all the marbles! Some won’t believe this ever happened, others will know it did but you won’t be able to make up your mind until you read the book or see the movie.


Upon release of the book, certain promotional items will be sold that include, but are not limited to; Old Timers Day Baseball Caps, T Shirts, Baseball Jackets, Old Timers Day Baseball Bats, Wrist Watches that keep time as a baseball bat becomes the hands that tell the time of day…and more.


Old Timers Day from Celestial Baseball Association on Vimeo.