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Old Timers Day Book Cover

OLD TIMERS DAY is a book written by Richard Lo Presto and Jerry Schafer.

Richard LoPresto was born in Brooklyn New York and is well known in Las Vegas, Nevada where he has been involved in the gaming industry having spent over twenty years working in the casino at the famous Desert Inn Hotel. He remains involved in the gaming industry to this day at Michael Gaughans South Point Hotel located on the famous Las Vegas strip.

Notwithstanding his involvement in the gaming industry, Richard is also well known as the producer of a highly successful television special entitled: Where Will You Be In 2000 AD, which starred: Lou Ferrigno, Wilford Brimley, and Marianne Marks along with an array of Las Vegas Headline Talent.

In addition to his production talent, Richard is also known as a baseball aficionado, which among other things, helped him to co-write the story of the greatest most important baseball game ever played, a game called: Old Timers Day.

Ebbets Field

To write the book, LoPresto teamed up with Award Winning writer, producer, director Jerry Schafer, a fifty year veteran in the entertainment industry, known around the world as one of the most prolific writers and producers of, among other things; Las Vegas Shows, major motion pictures and television shows, as well as being known for his direction of a variety of sporting events including, but not limited to; western boxing, full contact Karate, Judo, College and Professional Wrestling and more. His credits include the production and direction of the award winning reality TV series; ‘Contender Asia’ which he produced and directed on the island of Singapore.

Through his production company: Celestial Baseball Association LLC, LoPresto contracted Jerry Schafer to collaborate with him to not only write the book, but thereafter, to adapt a screenplay (major motion picture) from the book, to be produced by LoPresto’s company. Old Timers Day will be on the book shelves in February 2017.    A ten city signing tour is being planned pursuant to the release of the book.


Richard LoPresto is considered to be a baseball aficionado by baseball enthusiasts around the world.

His show business career includes writing and producing the production of a major musical variety television special entitled: Where Will You Be In 2000 A.D.? which was the last television show produced on the stage of the famous Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This show was hosted by Mr. America, Lou Ferrigno the original “Hulk” along with Marianne Marks whose credits include hosting more than 75 television video cassette programs and co-starring in such TV series as: Fantasy Island and Love Boat and in motion pictures with such stars as: Tom Selleck in the TV Movie; ‘Wild Times’ and with Sean Connery in the Richard Brooks film: Wrong Is Right. The show also featured the famous character actor; Wilford Brimley who gained fame through his acting role in the hit motion picture; ‘Cacoon’ which featured such stars as; Don Ameche, Hume Cronyn and Brian Dennehy.

Jerry Schafer is an award winning writer, producer and director credited with writing, producing and directing more than 150 television specials, a dozen major motion pictures and original Broadway style Musical Comedy shows. He has written countless articles, a book entitled: Angel In My Pocket and more. He is the winner of, among other things; the AGVA Producer of the Year Award in Las Vegas, the New York Television Festival for best writing and direction of a Documentary, the AVCA, Audio Visual Communications Award and more.

Richard LoPresto and Jerry Schafer have been working together since 1998 developing television, motion picture and live show productions. Presently they are developing the screenplay being adapted from the book; Old Timers Day book.