Experience a story unlike anything you have ever read when you purchase our new Old Timers Day book. This book tells the story of a sporting event where the stakes are far more serious than the Super Bowl(TM) or the World Series(TM). This enthralling book, which will soon be made into an Old Timers Day movie, was inspired by a vision from the Lord God above.

Purchase this Christian sports baseball book for yourself, or someone you love, and give them a life lesson you won’t find on the major sports networks. Our Christian fiction book features some of the legends of the game of baseball, pitted against a team led by Satan. Follow along with every play, and hear the crack of the bat as the good guys fight the forces of evil at historic Ebbets Field in Brooklyn.

Old Timers Day will be on the book shelves before the end of 2016 when a ten city signing tour will follow the release of the book.

Old Timers Day

Old Timers Day Book Cover

ISBN No.: T011R26HJF