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Celestial Baseball Association LLC Presents: Old Timers Day

There’s a movie coming to your local theaters called: Old Timers Day.

It’s a movie about baseball. Not an ordinary big league baseball game it’s much bigger then that….Old Timers Day is a movie depicting the world’s first and only; CELESTIAL BASEBALL GAME.

The game will be brought to you directly from its Celestial beginnings when God Almighty and Satan the Devil made an agreement to play a baseball game with each team having a roster of fifty of the greatest baseball players of all time.

Old Timers Day

The power of love versus the Love of Power

The agreement between God and the Devil will finally end their more than 2,000 year old feud as it is agreed that the loser will have his name stricken from the mind of man forevermore. It will be as though the loser never existed.

It is well known that Satan is a trickster not be trusted in any way. The Lord keeps that in mind as they choose up sides making their selections of players, coaches, umpires etc.
In order to maintain some degree of reliability dealing with Satan, the Lord has made sure their agreement contains the fact that neither the Lord nor Satan can have anything whatsoever to do with the game once it begins.

Any violation of this agreement will result in the immediate forfeiture of the game and the violator will be deemed the loser.

Satan is thrilled to enter into this agreement knowing that before the game begins he will do whatever he feels is necessary to insure that his team will win the game.
Old Timers Day will be one of the most exciting films of the 21 century and will feature a baseball game that will never be forgotten by those who see it.

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